Read through parenting blogs and you may get tips on healthy habits your children should have. What those posts won’t tell you is that kids also need certain skills and traits in order to keep up with those healthy habits and grow into content, successful adults. Brought to you by Smart Kidzs, Here are some of the qualities parents should endeavor to instill into students who will someday become tomorrow’s leaders.


When you have ambition, you’re more likely to work hard to achieve goals in both your personal and professional life. No matter how old your kids are, start talking to them about what they want to be when they grow up. Also, think about what you want to be because it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. Remember, your kids are always watching and learning from you.

Say you want to go back to school to earn your degree in computer science. You can take virtual classes to make those dreams come true, even if you have a full-time job or parenting duties. Online classes at WGU will give you the skills logic, architecture and systems, AI, data structures, and computer theory expertise you need to start an exciting new career.

Computer science degrees are some of the most sought after in today’s job market, but this is only an example — there are other in-demand fields you can consider. You could go back to school and earn a degree in nursing, business, humanities, or science to give yourself better career prospects.


Doing what’s right when others are watching is one thing. Most people will make compassionate and difficult choices when they feel like their actions are being judged. Unfortunately, many of those same well-meaning people will not make the right choices when they think they’re alone.

This is the enigma of integrity, and this is also another quality you should want your children to develop. Integrity will implore your kids to make positive and conscientious decisions, even when others are not around to watch them. This includes simple choices, like eating healthy foods, and more challenging ones, like helping another human being out of a crisis situation.

At Martial School, your children will have a positive and constructive space to learn the true meaning of integrity. They will also develop a greater sense of confidence and self-discipline, and these traits will help them grow into thriving leaders and healthy, happy adults. The benefits of martial arts extend past these lifelong skills.


Change can be hard on children. It can even be hard for adults. This past year has been a poignant example of the difficulties humans can have adapting to change. At the same time, change is a part of life, and that’s why you should want your children to be more resilient.

Resiliency empowers both children and adults to roll with the punches life throws at them and to process any difficult emotions that accompany those waves of change. In order to build resiliency, your children need to feel supported by their friends and loved ones, have a good amount of self-esteem, and effectively regulate their emotional reactions to change.

As you may have already guessed, kids and adults can experience these healthy elements in martial arts classes. There are other ways to encourage resilience, as well, such as creating consistent routines, helping them help others, and having them take breaks to refocus. Combine these daily healthy lessons and habits with martial arts, and you have a powerful combination.

Yes, it is important to help your children choose healthy foods, stay active and practice other habits that will help them take care of their overall health. At the same time, children need some very basic character ingredients in order to make these positive choices on their own. So while you teach them about healthy habits, also find ways to instill traits that will last a lifetime.

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