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Instagram Live Session with Ananya Kamboj, Founder of Sports To Lead And Award Winning Young Journalist

A 15-year-old girl, Ananya, with a vast and impressive profile, who has been invited to multiple international events, has shared some of the inside stories about her journey so far. She is an author, the founder of a sports body, and has been an active member of several social service purposes. Let’s have a look […]

Evolution of Parenting Style

Parenting styles develop with our occasions. Generally, parenting methodologies were adult-centered. In old Greece and Rome, youth finished by roughly the age of six. From that point forward, kids were seen as adults. During the Renaissance, kids were regularly observed wearing grown-up dresses and were treated as smaller than healthy adults. Life was centered on […]

Instagram Live session with Ayush Chopra, Founder of SDGs for Children and the Winner of Diana Award

Often Sustainable Development word is over-utilized; however, there are various worldwide issues, for example, hunger, neediness, imbalance, and natural debasement. Somapika Sarkar founder of Hurray Kids recently got the opportunity to talk about this global concern with Ayush Chopra (recognized with The Diana Award, is an Indian Ambassador for the SDGs project). Before moving ahead, […]