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Kids Friendly Television Channels

Right parenting is highly significant, all the more so because the exposure that your child gets is mostly out of your control. You cannot shelter your child from the realities of the world. At the same time, you cannot afford to overexpose them to those grim realities. You need to maintain a fine balance as […]

Why Are Parenting Classes Important?

Parenting classes are important for those, especially those who have become parents for the very first time. They need to know how a child needs to be treated and what are the usual things which are to be done with the child for their growth and development. Parenting classes are important as it teaches every […]

Everything you should know about Bullying Kids

Let’s understand the meaning of ‘Bullying.’ The real meaning of ‘Bullying’ is when someone harasses or spreads rumors or practice social exclusion about someone that too, with direct face to face contact to make the person feel embarrassed. Bullying kids is also defined as chronic abuse to someone who cannot or is not able to raise […]

How to Develop Strong Self Esteem in Your Child?

Nurturing self-esteem in your child is one of the most significant aspects of parenting.  When your child develops positive self-esteem, it boosts his mental health as well. It helps him in cultivating confidence, thereby shielding the confident child from any negative situations. In a time when the entire world is under the grip of COVID […]