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Role of AR And VR In The Early Education System

Education is one of the most significant foundational elements of our society. With the advent of the New Era, the teaching method has also changed. Education is all about sharing in expanding knowledge. Apart from traditional schools and college university paths, there are some more new technologies created to meet the goals. If you are […]

Best Practices to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

This is the digital age where data is readily available. Indeed, even small kids nowadays approach the web utilizing cell phones and tablets. They should be made aware of the risks of the web and taught how to protect themselves from different online threats. The internet is utilized by children as youthful as 5-year-olds nowadays. […]

Top 10 Best Learning Apps For Kids

Virtual learning is a phenomenon where kids interface with virtual learning apps for quick and efficient learning.  Gaining knowledge over these educational apps is a gateway to learning new things exceeding the limited education provided by the educational institutions. These apps provide for upfront and creative content helping the kids to gain interest and attract […]