Am I really wrong to quit work for my baby!!!

This question haunts many new moms like me who were either working before and had left their jobs or whose maternity leaves are about to expire. What made me to write this article is, the question my husband asked me the other day. He said to me- “Suhani next month Ruhani will be a year old, so what is your scene of job and all??”

I got blank and couldn’t reply, I just said – Don’t Know. His question really left me thinking the whole night, what will I reply if someone else asks me the same question? Am I no more a career-oriented person? Do I not love my profession (architecture) anymore? Why I don’t wanna to work when others are managing work and baby both?

The answer is- Everyone has his/her own set of priorities and mine is clearly my baby. It was me who decided I want to be a mother now, want to have a baby, want to take our marital life to the next step. Hence, it becomes my utmost responsibility to take care of her, to be with her whenever n wherever she needs me. It was my decision to bring her into this world, she didn’t ask me to. Whatever I’m doing for her is technically what I am doing for myself.

Suhani Mehrotra with her baby
The picture I shared above is of the day we took our furr ball home.

It’s my interest to dress her up, she don’t asks. It’s my passion to click her, I’m sure she hates it. I want to choose best for her, she don’t asks to spend too much. After all, how much time do these kids actually spend with us? Once they grow up- school, tuitions, exams, college, career, marriage n so on…

What we actually have is just these initial years with them. Life seems to be completely upside down. Our daily routine revolves like a magnet around them. Basically, we can say their wish is our command. Life is both super busy and super fun with them.

But I can sit back and enjoy all these moments because of her daddy. I want to thank God as I could take care of her when actually he is doing all hardwork for us.


It is me who has chosen this path ,which is just a ‘comma’ to my career. It’s definitely not a full stop.

So, all you people out their stop being judgemental to what will happen to a woman’s career, as it’s entirely our life our rules. Don’t you worry because I very well know if I would have chosen the other way u would still judge me.

I love my baby.

About Author:

Author Suhani Mehrotra

I am Suhani Mehrotra mother of a 11 months old baby girl. I am an architect by profession. I live in Noida. I was in a 9-5 job profile before my baby came in this world. I am enjoying my motherhood completely. Hey, look even my intro says I am a mother before an architect. Strange but true.

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