Every child goes through the process of child development. The child development process involves sitting, standing, walking, talking, tying shoes, etc. Children develop skills during the process of their development.

Generally, there are five basic areas in which child development takes place:

  1. Cognitive development: this step of development involves learning in solving the problems. For example, A 2 month old kid learns to explore the environment with his hands and eyes, whereas a 5-year-old kid learns to solve the problems of mathematics.
  2. Social and emotional development: every step of development is important for a kid, but in this step, the child’s ability to interact with others such as helping themselves and self-control is seen. For example, a six months old baby is waving bye-bye, a 1-month-old baby smiling, and a 5-year-old kid knowing that how he should take turns in games at school.
  3. Language and speech development: language and speech development include the kid’s potential to understand and use language. For example, a 1-year-old kid is saying his first words, a 5-year-old kid learning how to say “feet” instead of “foot”, 2-year-old baby-naming parts of his body, etc.
  4. Fine motor skill development: in this development skill phase, the child learns to use his muscles, moreover his hands and fingers to do the activities such as holding the spoon, eating food, turning the pages of a book, and learning to write.
  5. Gross motor skill development: In this phase of development skill, the child starts using his larger muscles. For example, a 6-month-old kid learns to sit up with some support; a 12-month-old baby learns how to walk through Walker, a 5-year-old kid learns to do skipping.

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Development phases are also known as the growing-up process. Well, you might be very much curious that what all processes are involved in in the developmental phase. Let us have a look:

  • From the birth of the child to the process of reaching 18 months, the changes look very rapidly. In this phase, the children see the world with their senses.
  • Whenever, children feel that they need to gather some kind of information, they collect it with their touch, smell, taste, sound, sight.
  • The parents who are the caretaker of the children should stimulate instead of overwhelming get children for their maturity and learning skills. This is because the entire goal is not to teach your child but to let him explore and interact with his environment.
  • When the kids become quite older, did you do the activities with their move by exploring what they can do with their voices, hands, feet, toes, etc. After knowing these things, children start practicing rolling, crawling, walking, etc.

The initial 18 months after birth is the first stage of the development. The next development takes place between the ages of 18 months to 2 years. Let us see what happens in this developmental stage:

  • In this stage, the child starts begins to define him. The child works on his vocabulary by doing a lot of activities and by applying imagination.
  • This is one of the crucial phases of development in which the parents should take extra care of their children as in this stage many of the accidents happen as the kids get quite adventurous during the time of activity.

After the completion of the second phase of child development, the third stage of development comes which reflects so many changes in the child’s life. The third stage of development happens between the ages of 3-5.

Let us see what the children start learning between the age of 3-5:

  • During the stage, the children start going to their preschool where their schedule gets incredibly busy. In this phase of development, the children start learning activities such as cutting, pasting, painting and singing.
  • In this phase, the parents should make sure that your child care activities include learning numbers, letters, etc. when your child starts going to kindergarten school.

These are all the phases of the development of a kid. All the areas and phases of development are a crucial phase of life. The caretakers must remember to take extra care of their children in terms of teaching, growth, and learning.

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