Raising a child is one of the most crucial things when it comes to his or her development and prosperity. A child with intellectual abilities affects his capabilities and enhances the chances of having a successful life. Parents want to seek the best outcomes for their kids to grow in and develop fully to their capacities.

Several experts in the field of science and child experts have jotted down means and ways to improve the caliber of one’s kin and have a better outlook in life extra-ordinarily. They are as follows

1. Starting early: It is of significance that the activities regarding a child’s development include balancing hobbies and learning appropriately. Parents need to respond to the achievements of their child positively and encourage the child to get better with the use of numbers and figures. Their learning can also be boosted by using art and creativeness as suggested in” Start in the crib” by Ronald Ferguson.

2. Include music in your child’s life: studies have shown that in the early development of child music has played an important role as it helped increase concentration, learning and remembering capabilities. It has also been determined as a stress reliever which is crucial as a young child should not have any kind of stress in his or her life. A child engaged in with music can show great learning capabilities and have a stable mental and physical health.

3. Restrict the use of technology: It’s often seen that parents use electronic gadgets as a getaway for calming down the child. This kind of practice is never recommended to parents especially when the child is below 2 years old. These devices obstruct the development of a child from an intellectual and socialising perspective. The use of smartphones is a barrier that every parent should ignore. In a situation like these, a parent can engage their kid in using brainy games which will make the child’s mind curious and help him or her to develop answers for their curiosity.

4. Eating habits: Another important aspect of raising a smart child is to make sure that your child is receiving every nutrient in appropriate portions. The best food for a new-born baby is the mother’s milk with the alternative of formula. When it comes to growing kids feeding portions which includes a protein-rich diet, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals make a kid develop in full capacity. Lack of these necessary minerals may harm the growth of child mental and physical health.

There are many other factors which also affects the development of a child. Teaching them the value of hard work and dedication is also important. Their intellectual capabilities and their attitude towards life also bring about their expected life in adulthood. Confidence and emotions are to be gratified in a certain way that the child can cope even with the hard times in life.

A healthy and well-growing child is a hope for a parent. Following these steps will help the children to have a happy and promising future.

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Nandini Raj is a commerce Graduate and Aunty of two naughty kids. He likes playing with her nieces , cooking foods for them and hanging out with their toys. Apart from that she loves writing on various kids activities and parenting as well.

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