I love to engage my baby girl in more of outdoor activities and less glued to television or mobile phones. I have tried to Make activities around her more fun and engaging, I ensure to give her much of my time as possible. So, for starters you can always engage them in toys which are learning and fun both like stack toys with beautiful colours as they look attractive and engaging both.

Baby Reading Book

I have since my babies 6 months read out books to her especially board books (Board books are books with more pictures to make the toddler get attracted to the book). In this way babies love their ABC’s book/ animals books/story books etc. Also, for Making learning easy and interactive I give her touch and feel alphabets/ numbers/animals etc, it makes learning very easy for toddlers and they are engaged in for a longer time.


Engage your babies in Pool/tub bathing time, some garden time, take them out for an evening stroll just outside your house, in the way they learn that it is more fun to be out in sunshine.

Also, as a parent I have always ensured to not watch much television and use my mobile phone in front of my daughter, As toddlers learn what they watch their parents doing, so I try to watch my shows and use my phone when my daughter is either sleeping or playing.

Baby Playing in water

Little steps with your child can always ensure your child is living a healthy life and is more active which is always helpful in the longer run.


Parenting is so much fun if you want to make it fun!

Thank you,

A happy mother,

Ankita Mehrotra.


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Before turning to a happy mother Ankita worked as an employee engagement manager in Gurugram. Currently is working for an NGO Prithvi Innovations and doing blogging. She is Mumma to a cute baby girl. Visit her Instagram profile here

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