Parenting Tips To Prepare For A Virtual Classroom

Parenting Tips To Prepare For A Virtual Classroom

This year has changed various things. We are now working from home and doing everything from home which includes attending classes also.

It can be difficult for children to attend classes because everybody’s new to this. It is the parent’s responsibility to make the child comfortable and feel easy to attend classes, ask queries to teachers, and get their doubts cleared and completion of assignment on time.
Teachers are doing their best to make the online classes as comfortable as offline classes which are now called as, virtual classroom.

Schools, colleges and all various companies now use the social platform; zoom and Google meet to conduct lectures, classrooms or official meetings. As of now, this is the only way to move ahead during a time like this. We should be thanking the entire virtual social media for being a boon this time in our life.

As a parent, one must be aware of how to make the virtual classes interesting for their kid. So, here are some parenting tips which every parent must know when their children are having virtual class.

It is as follows:

1. Making sure your child has all the required books and notes of every subject. You should find ways to source for the books and copies so that your child doesn’t face any difficulty during the virtual class.

2. Get your child to do attend his/her classes in a comfortable space. You can arrange for a study table or study area where they can have all their books, notes, and stationery.

3. As a parent, you should also be responsible for good network connectivity so your child is having a trouble-free class. You can preferably get a Wi-Fi connection at home through which the online classes would go smoothly.

4. Create an everyday schedule for your child as they had one before the pandemic began. The schedule should be teaching him something. Like you could join him/her to an online class other than his usual classes. You can also set aside some time for him/her to play some activity.

5. Keep them informed about all activities happening in school. This includes informing them about everyday class schedule, exam schedule etc.

6. Keep checking on them if they have completed their assignments and homework. Ensure that they do not have any work on due.

7. Make sure that they are still in touch with all their friends. This pandemic has physically made distanced with our friends. Social life has been paused for a while now but make sure that this doesn’t affect your child’s mind. You can schedule a fun zoom meeting with his/her friends where they can watch movie, talk or even play virtual games.

8. Try to engage them more into games and activities which don’t involve using smartphones. This is only because, during online classes, the screen time for every individual has increased too much and as a child, this might not be good for their physical and mental health.

9. Teach them new things like, cooking or baking which will develop a new skill in them and who knows this could be a life-changing decision for them.

10. Keep in touch with other parents about handling children during classes and keeping each other updated. Every parent needs someone to share their thoughts with about children.

11. This is not a vacation. Keep reminding your child and treat the days as it was before the pandemic. They should sleep on time and get up early making sure they complete all their tasks and also making each day productive.

12. Indulge him in habits like reading and writing. These habits are really going to benefit them in future. This will teach them new things. You can start with storybooks and then newspapers as this will teach him about what is happening in the world at present and then as they grow you can buy them novels.

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Hope these 12 tips will help you make a good lifestyle for your child during his/her virtual classes. Focus on your child’s mental and physical health constantly and communicate with them so they don’t hesitate in telling you anything

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