Education is one of the most significant foundational elements of our society. With the advent of the New Era, the teaching method has also changed. Education is all about sharing in expanding knowledge. Apart from traditional schools and college university paths, there are some more new technologies created to meet the goals.

If you are also a new parent, it is very obvious that you may also have many worries related to the amount of time your children spend on mobile and in front of the screens. From playing animated games on the mobile phone to consuming cartoon videos on YouTube can create an impact on the development of children. And this has caused a perfect testing for the augmented reality and virtual reality solutions.

As time is passing by, education issues are getting more severe as there is not a sufficient number of good training personnel and also there is limited availability of educational services. Apart from this, the people who have physical disabilities and who live in remote areas are hard to reach. This creates a major problem. And all these reasons make sense when it comes to implementing augmented reality in education and virtual reality in education.

Now you must be thinking that what is AR in education and VR education?

Virtual reality is the computer-generated 3D environment where you will be present. You will become a part of that environment and can do the actions you wish to do.

For example, If students are reading a book in a class – the diary of a young girl, virtual reality will help them to go back in time and go inside Anne’s Secret Annex!

In our real world, Augmented Reality adds digital elements which can be seen by our eyes. For example- If a girl wears a virtual headset that will help her to see the whole solar system right in front of her eyes, this is called virtual reality. Pokemon Go is one of the best examples of augmented reality.

Our education revolves around reading, seeing, and hearing out of which only 30% of information gets retained inside our memory. What do you know, by doing a dramatic presentation and stimulating the real experience, our memory retention gets high as 90%.

Education helps us in learning new things, being more creative, and coming up with new innovative ideas. These ideas are void in various schools and colleges. But AR/VR has the scope to change the education system completely and transform it more perfectly.

Let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of AR/VR.

Here are a few advantages of AR/VR:

  1. Develops creativity
  2. Promotes visual learning
  3. Higher rates of attendance

AR/VR has several benefits. Hence, the future of young students seems to be so inspiring and successful.

The coming generations will certainly have some relaxation and they won’t cry because of the scary bus that comes at the doorstep to pick up the students to the schools.

Here are some of the disadvantages of AR/VR:

  1. High investment on time and money
  2. Investment in actual AR/VR content

But do you know in the coming time, how AR and VR can be applied in several ways in the education system? Let us have a look:

 1. VIRTUAL EXPEDITIONS: VR/AR technologies will help the students to get involved in an environment in which they could only imagine when reading textbooks.

Imagine the schools where each class will have hi-tech advanced VR technology that the students can use to experience the memorable time of history and geography.

 2. VIRTUAL CHILD PSYCHIATRIST: Various schools and colleges lack a professional child psychiatrist. But how would it be if a virtual reality product checks the mental health of the students by giving them many situations? This innovative idea would help a lot in detecting the mental health problems among the children. Also, a product can be developed for the child psychiatrist through which they can detect the problems among the students.

 3. REFINE THE ROLE OF TEACHERS: As the augmented reality and virtual reality will start getting better, the teachers and education system would focus more on creativity and innovation.

This perception will change the routine of the teachers of providing content to letting students try and come up with real-world solutions. This mental state will nurture the growth of AR in education and VR education.

 4. AR TEXTBOOKS: Every student has smartphones that can be used with textbooks that contain augmented reality content with which a student can learn in a better way.

 5. MAKING THE REACH OF EDUCATION POSSIBLE IN THE REMOTE AREAS: Students do not need to be physically present in the school. This has made the learning possible for those students who don’t get access to quality education.

 6. GET EXPOSURE TO VARIOUS CAREER FIELDS: Maximum students find it difficult to decide in which field they have to go exactly. With the help of AR/VR, students can get exposed to various industrial environments and can easily decide that in which field they want to make their career.

 7. MAKE A STRONGER COMMUNITY FOR EDUCATION AND ENCOURAGE GROUP LEARNING: Even in the 21st century, so many students don’t get access to quality education. AR/VR ensures to provide education to remote and underdeveloped areas in the world.

In the coming future, students might get advanced hi-tech and cheap AR headsets which would help them to learn and interact with other students.

 8. TECH TRAINING: AR/VR will provide better learning to medical students. Learning skills would become easier.

In conclusion, in the coming future undoubtedly AR/VR would make the education system more amazing. The challenge would be to make the AR/VR more accessible throughout the world. Also, the investment on time and money is required for making its accessibility easier. The engagement and immersion via interactivity would increase and also the teaching possibilities would expand with the help of augmented reality in education and virtual reality in education.

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