Baby’s favourite toys – Kitchen utensils are always favourite of every baby. The day when they start walking, all your utensils comes out. N all you think about how to keep sharp things aways from them. This makes a mom’s day bit busy because you never know what he might take from kitchen. Every time he comes in the kitchen, I have to give something to play with else he starts messing drawers. I always let him explore new things but also keeps him aways from the things that can harm.

Baby Playing in Kitchen

Things I do to keep him entertain while I work in kitchen are: –

  • Give him utensils which makes less noise ex – Plastic plates or bowl.
  • Give him air tight container of whole spices which makes sound like rattle.
  • Keep an eye on him whenever he takes anything from drawer so that he doesn’t hurt his fingers while closing.
  • Keeps sharp things and glassware away from his reach.
  • Play songs/rhymes on TV so that he gets busy in watching and dancing.
  • Give him something to eat.

It’s not easy to keep your toddler away from the kitchen but you can take care while you work.

Life of a toddler’s mom is more challenging.

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Author Meghanka Rathore

Hey, I am Meghanka Rathore, was a visual merchandiser who done her MBA in fashion merchandising and retail management from FDDI (footwear designing and development institute) jodhpur. Now a full time one-year old toddler’s mom. Runs Instagram handle ‘Meghanka_nr’. Sharing my life changing experiences and my love’s activities. And also post fashion photographs and DIYs.

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