Are you feeling unable to work from home during the pandemic with kids at home? My friend! You are not alone. The answer for most mothers is the same. Why? Because it is not possible to manage Work from home with kids. Fulfilling the ancillary demands of the kids and handling work pressure all at once become impossible. 

But nothing seems in our hands; we have to deal with the current situation in any sense.

Today, we are here to guide you on the same. 

Listed below are some tips which might be useful to you so that you can manage kids and work during COVID-19:

1. Jot down a daily schedule

Listing out things which you have to manage per day will help you. Take a pen and a paper in hand and start writing the activities you have for the day and accordingly assign the schedule to all of those activities. This will work! Why? Because you will have an idea in your mind what all things are there for you to manage and how much time you will be taking to complete those.

Not just this, you must always spare time for your family and kids. It will enable you to maintain a work-life balance, especially when you have small kids.

Kids require your time and attention. Not getting enough time would make them cranky, and ultimately that is going to make you suffer only. So, plan things accordingly.

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2. Embrace digital world

Today, we have everything with just a click of a button. There are many options for us to choose from. Now you must be thinking about what we are talking about? Well, there are so many institutions and schools which are running online. It will not be a bad idea if you and your husband think about getting your student enrolled in some good course.

It’s better for your child than sitting idle at home and being bored. Enrolling your child in some activities would not only keep him active but also enables him to make new friends and interact with them.

Interaction is a must for kids. Especially when they are at their initial age, it develops their social skills and makes them vigorous.

This would ultimately keep your child busy, and you will be able to work peacefully without any disturbance.

3. Pre-plan your day the night before

If you want smooth functioning and a fresh start to your new day, plan things well in advance. This will keep you away from any kind of on-the-spot stress and helps you function without any interruptions.

Even if that’s a day when you’re not feeling like working the next day, plan activities for your kids so that you can enjoy your off day fully. 

Planning needs time. A lot of time to be effective in planning and hence spare an hour for enjoying a smooth day thereafter.

4. It’s normal not to bother your kids for a while

Kids always want Mum! That’s normal. But encourage them to indulge in other activities too, that can keep them busy and at the same time help them to grow. Child’s growth is only possible when they tend to function on their own. For instance, let them choose their activities for some while. This will open their minds to decide for themselves, and at the same time, they will be self-dependent.

This is going to help you too as you will be able to work smoothly.

Final Takeaway

Juggling between Work from home with kids is normal during this pandemic. But unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about the situation. All we can do is the plan. Good and effective planning always takes you on a successful path.

Tip: Don’t make the days monotonous for you as well as your child. Don’t just work, work and work. Learn to take breaks and spend some quality time with your kids, your family.

After all, they might need you and your support in such circumstances.

Hence, with some planning, implementation, and positive attitude, you are surely going to overcome this pandemic of COVID-19 while staying safe at home with your kids and family.

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