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Top 10 Best Learning Apps For Kids

Virtual learning is a phenomenon where kids interface with virtual learning apps for quick and efficient learning.  Gaining knowledge over these educational apps is a gateway to learning new things exceeding the limited education provided by the educational institutions. These apps provide for upfront and creative content helping the kids to gain interest and attract them into learning.

Some of the best apps for learning are as follows:

  1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is one such app which makes reading easier. To develop reading skills in a child, the kid needs to read stories, books and novels. This helps to widen their knowledge regarding vocabulary and literature. This app contains various free books to download and have access to. It also includes books of every genre for kids to avail and learns.

  1. com Flashcards

This app is for academic learning. It helps kids understand the study material that is thought in school. It uses creative means for teaching kids about the curriculum. There are various packages available such as $199 annually, $59 for 3 months and $29 /month. The flashcards amount to 100 in every folder. These flashcards incite basic knowledge with creativeness.

  1. ABCmouse

The app focuses on learning material available for kids from 2 to 8 years. It involves reading, writing, art and music as basic learning.

  1. Duolingo

Many children are bilingual and need to learn other languages than English. This app helps kids to learn other languages with proper understanding and efficiently.

  1. ClassDojo

Class Dojo is one of its kind apps where it helps kids to interact with their teachers regarding any doubts that they might have. This also helps the parents to have an up to date information about their child’s learning and education.

  1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is one of the famous sites for learning. It provides study material for kids with maths, English, science, etc. This app also includes creative figures of animals for creative teaching. There is also a wide range of material available for students, kids and teachers to share and download.

  1. Pocket code

If anyone is looking for an app for kids to learn to code, pocket code can become their go- to app. Kids who have an interest in learning code and have the curiosity of learning it, they can access to this app and it is child friendly and very informative.

  1. PBS Kids video

It is a video app which contains material for lessons for academic purposes. The videos bring out a creative way to teach the children through cartoon and videography.

  1. YouTube kids

YouTube, as we all know, has an enormous amount of learning videos for kids. It has programmes uploaded by various channels which contribute to distributing knowledge for free.

  1. Dragon box series

Gaming can be fun and learning at the same time. This app is specifically made for educational and engaging games which helps kids have solved puzzles and develop curiosity.

Virtual Learning Apps

Hence all the above-listed apps can be really helpful and fun for children to learn from. They provide an escape for interesting material and a successful engagement by kids.

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