I was out shopping for my baby when my dad asked “Did you buy the bulletproof pants?” It took me a while to understand that he was referring to diapers, haha..!

Happy Baby Diaper is a boon to all the mothers. But because its not environment friendly, I decided to use cloth nappies (langot- made at home) during the day. My first attempt was when Prithvi was around 2 months old, for me that was the longest and the most overworked afternoon after his birth. At that age he used to pee and poop a lot, I changed and washed a nappy every 15-20 minutes. So while I was trying to do some good, I ended up making my baby cranky and tired as he would wake up every time he got wet which lead to an interrupted sleep. Therefore, I stopped using nappies.

Baby Sleeping with Mom

Now when Prithvi is 1 year old, I am using a cloth diaper which has a waterproof shell, it has a cotton pad inside which is quite absorbent and there are snap buttons to ensure that the diaper is efficiently locked on the waist. I use these during the day. At night I have been using pamper active diapers for Prithvi. They easily last for the entire night without any leakage, even now when he pees a lot more than he used to. When Prithvi was younger making him wear a pant style diaper was a task in itself because the pant needs to be pulled up and I had to move his legs quite a lot to adjust the diaper which sometimes woke him up. Now it is the other way round, making him wear a pant style diaper is way easier as he stands and is always ready to crawl away. So now I am doing what I can to save the environment in my own small way by using only 1 diaper for my baby in a day. There are days when I end up using more than 1 like when I am travelling or visiting someone but usually I make it a point not to use more than 1, which is always at night.

About Author:
Swapnil AuthorMy name is Swapnil, I am mother of a 1 year old boy. I did my graduation in Psychology from Delhi University followed by L.L.B from faculty of law, D.U. I have recently started a blog by the name of “Little Mister Human” on Instagram. It’s been great sharing all my experiences and hoping some day when my baby is all grown up he might laugh reading all about himself and a few funny things he does now.

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