At modern times, schools offer an increased number of multicultural and multilingual students who come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Teachers are highly implementing new ways to motivate students. Why? So that the kids can indulge themselves in positive learning and can perform academically well.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) provides a boost to the child’s overall performance and encourages them to perform exceptionally well. It wakes up the potential inside students to see their positive side and believe in their ability to triumph in everything they do, whether it is academic, sports, life, or even higher studies.

What is the meaning of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Some people face difficulty while making their own decisions, they always need a second opinion from anyone who’s close to them or can make a wise decision. While others face a hard struggle with setting up goals for themselves. Some people are also not able to cope with emotions, in order words, do not get a feeling of empathy for others. Well, these are some of the social and emotional skills which a person or a student or a child must be taught at an early age so that he or she might not face any problem in the life ahead.

That is why many schools have started developing teams of potential professionals who can teach students about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

Are people born with social-emotional skills?

No, people are not born with social-emotional skills. But they develop these skills with time with the help of mentors, teachers, or experts.

People who build strong social and emotional skills within themselves are the ones who can manage their daily challenges efficiently. They start building positive relationships with people and show empathy towards them. Not only this, they can make their own decisions and at the same time are capable enough to set their own goals and make efficient decisions to achieve them.

Is there any age of learning social and emotional management?

There’s no age to learn social and emotional skills. They are taught right from the beginning from preschool to adulthood. Anyone who believes that they lack these skills can procure these skills irrespective of the time frame.

These skills either have to be developed by own or if not, then schools are continuously building a professional team to assist students on this matter.

No time or age restrictions are there in this learning.

What are the types of Social Emotional Learning Skills?

Till now you must be aware of how important it is to have social-emotional skills within yourself. Especially for kids so that their productivity can be boosted and they can walk through the path of success. It also reduces the levels of stress and lowers down the chances of depression.

Now, let’s discuss the 5 different types of core skills:

  1. Self-Awareness

It is the ability to perceive own thoughts and feelings of human behavior and analyze how they can affect your mood, valued and impact your growth mindset

  1. Self-Management

It is the ability to finally set a goal and make increased efforts to achieve them. This means that they keep your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in place.

For instance, it makes you able to set a goal and motivates you to achieve them efficiently.

  1. Social Awareness

It includes being able to understand other people’s perspectives, agree with their thoughts, and showing empathy towards them. This implies especially to those who are from different cultures and cultivation environments.

  1. Relationship Skills

This involves a mutually healthy relationship by showing a sense of cooperation, care, and concern towards different people, individuals, or groups. It makes you able to resolve conflicts and forgive others.

  1. Responsible Decision Making

It is mainly based on thinking about the possible norms or consequences of personal behavior. It indicates how social interactions can healthily take place.

How can social and emotional learning be beneficial for kids?

The effects of social and emotional learning affect the lives of students, teachers, parents, and other individuals positively as it improves the relationship between people and societies as a whole.

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Some positive outcomes about the same are listed below:

  1. Academic Improvement of students

Students who are indulged in social and economic learning have seen a significant change in their academic performance. This means that they’ve witnessed a positive boost in their overall performance in comparison to those who did not indulge in these learnings.

  1. Improved Social Interactions

Social and emotional learnings are beneficial not only for temporary timings or spans, but these learnings remain with us for a lifetime. Good social interactions with increased respect and greetings towards another person make a positive vibe in the environment

  1. Better classroom behavior

Those who are indulged in these learnings have witnessed a significant change in themselves. Reduced stress and depression levels and good behavior in the classroom made social and emotional learning a great success.

How Better Kids supports the Social and Emotional Growth of Little Humans?

Better Kids Logo

At Better Kids, it supports parents and teachers in providing assistance related to social and emotional learning to the little humans for whom you care so deeply.

It has initiated this movement because we understand that a child needs care. By care, it means ‘Professional Care’, so we decided to move ahead with this venture.

Their professionals are trained with numerous activities like digital games, board games, mind games, group games so that the social skills of your child get improved through play.

On the other hand, Better Kids has formed a team of the creamy layer of designers, art directors, graphic designers, programmers, educators, neuroscientists, child therapists so that they create content for the child to be consumed which will make the child’s emotional skills strong.

Not just this, Better Kids believes that everyone has an inner child who needs care and direction throughout their lives so we provide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to adults as well to help them move towards the right path.

Social and emotional skills shape your life in a way which you can never understand. However, its significance is exceedingly prominent and helps in determining how successful a person is going to be in his/her life.

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