In an era where everything is getting digitised- from gaming to education, the significance of typing skills is increasing day by day. No matter which type of work you do- receptionist, cashier, teacher, influencer, content writer, and so on, you will require a PC or laptop for the same. Even schools and colleges encourage students to use computers to complete their academic projects and assignments.

And that’s why it has become more important than ever to teach typing to your munchkins. The faster they get to type, the better their chances to stand out.

This blog discusses the importance of typing skills for kids. Read on to know more!

Top Reasons that will Convince You to Teach Typing Skills to Your Kids!

  • Improved typing prepares them for the future: No matter which occupation they choose, typing skills will come in handy for your kids in future. Computers and laptops are needed in all spheres of life. And hence, typing will make your children future-ready. From journalism and graphic designing to inventory management, every profession requires you to operate laptops and PCs. So, if you want your kids to excel in life, then enrol them on a reliable typing course.
  • Typing eases learning for Dyslexic students: Dyslexic students often find it extremely strenuous to learn alphabets and spellings. They, however, find it easy to type alphabets and spellings. This is so because typing involves the tactile element of pressing the keyboards to get the desired alphabet on the screen. It acts as a multisensory activity. Also, a computer never gets impatient or irritated with dyslexic kids. So, they get ample time to rectify their mistakes and learn with complete construction.
  • Touch-typing helps kids to gain a competitive edge over others: Touch-typing means that the typist does not need to look down at the keyboard while typing. This enhances the typing speed, and he can accomplish his task much sooner. The kids who have touch-typing skills are thus more productive than their counterparts. They can complete their daily assignments, holiday projects as well as other academic tasks way before their classmates. This gives them a competitive edge over their classmates.
  • Typing is helpful for students with poor handwriting: Not every child has good handwriting. Their parents and teachers consistently pressurise them to improve their handwriting skills. Also, classmates sometimes tend to make fun of their not-so-good handwriting. Here come typing skills as their saviour. Typing skills for kids allow them to ignore their poor handwriting and help them to focus on the work. The contemporary world requires you to type email, letters, drafts, invoices and whatnot. So, teaching your kids typing skills will help them to overcome their phobia of bad handwriting and let them be a part of the digitised world.
  • Typing skills allow kids to improve their spelling: Maybe your kids are facing hard times with spelling. Children often tend to get perplexed when it comes to spelling learning activities. Written practice is better than orally reciting the spellings of words. However, typing is much more efficient than writing out the spellings. Kids, when they press the letters on the keyboards and view the resultant spellings on the screen, get to learn about their mistakes more easily and conveniently. And the sensory activity of typing and seeing the spellings help them to retain the same in their memory. So, next time your munchkin fails to learn a few difficult spellings, you know what to do!
  • Typing abilities make the learning experience fun: Typing allows students to add an element of fun to learning activities. There are thousands of learning activities which involve typing out alphabets, spellings, sentences, and so much more. This experience makes learning fun for your children.

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When is the Ideal Time to Teach Typing Skills to Your Children?

The digitised age exposes your kids to laptops, PCs and screens. They get to use smartphones, tablets and family computers. And hence it is better to help them learn typing skills at an early age. The sooner they learn to type, the quicker they will be able to embrace modern digitisation. It is ideal for introducing them to typing classes at the age of 6 to 7 years.

4 Hacks that Can Help Your Kids Learn to Type Easily!

  • You should always encourage your children to value accuracy over their typing speed. The ultimate goal of typing is to write words and sentences. Typing out incorrect words and spellings can just lead to a wastage of time. So, you should always focus on your children’s accuracy. Once they have mastered typing skills, you can push them to increase their typing speed.
  • Enrolling your kids on a typing course is not enough. You should give them ample chance to practice typing regularly. Let them use your personal laptop under your observation. The more they get to practice, the better they get with typing.
  • Keep celebrating their small wins! Your words of praise and encouragement go a long way in boosting them up. Never scold them if they are taking time to learn to type. Understand that each child has his/her own pace. Keep motivating them so that their self-esteem does not get hurt.
  • Also, help your kids adopt a healthy posture as they sit in front of the screen. Never allow them to use laptops on the bed. Create a set-up at home using a table and a desk. Place the PC or laptop over the table and let them sit with their backs straight. Make sure that their elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Teach them not to slouch while typing. Also, encourage them to take a break from the screen every half an hour to avoid eye-straining issues.

Wrapping Up!

Typing skills for kids have become an integral part of the modern education system. Any student who is not well-versed with a computer or is too slow with his typing can be made to feel like he is lagging behind. It is your responsibility to prepare your children to face the fiercely competitive world out there. Make sure you enrol your kids on a reputed and well-established typing course so that they can soon develop impressive typing skills.

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