Difference Between 90s and 2020s Kids

Difference between 90s and 2020s Kids

Each age has a weird fear about the next wave of individuals living on the planet. It’s simply the way the world works. Perhaps the reality more youthful individuals will in general, help us to remember our mortality, or possibly this is because we need to accept we’re the most significant age group alive. Either way, we will, in general, be irrationally afraid.

Somewhere down the line, everything changes. Some way or another, the weird television fixations that we justified in center school appear to be typical compared with what the children are viewing nowadays. Additionally, you begin making statements like “what the children are viewing nowadays”. The clothes individuals wear are strange to you, and the music they listen to appears to be tedious and childish.

How about we take a look at the difference in childhood from that point and now.

 1. 90’s children

Always play games like langdi, Chupachupi, cut the cake, lock, and key, and so on.

2000’s Kids

Now kids like to play temple run, fruit ninja, candy crush, etc.

 2. 90’s children

Having a cell phone close by was a big deal.

2000’s children

Hello, WhatsApp me our photos.

 3. 90’s children

It is used to write notes for the test with a pilot pen/ink pen/ball/gel pen.

2000’s children

Hello, please mail me the notes I’ll take a print out before the test.

4. 90’s children

Delighted in Bollywood movies, songs and TV programs like Shaktiman.

2000’s children

Did you watch the big bang theory previous night? No man! I am completing GoT.

5. 90’s children

My preferred actor is Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan.

2000’s children

My preferred actor is Jim Carrey, Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr., and Leonardo DiCaprio.

6. 90’s children

Never set out to go 500 meters beyond their home.

2000’s children

10-12-year-olds hang out in malls and go for movies alone.

7. 90’s children

They gifted their friends Rs 11 or Rs 21, in an envelope or chocolates on their birthday events.

2000’s children

Contribute at least Rs 500 and gift just branded products.

  8. 90’s children

The party’s idea was to eat one vadapav (Rs 3.50 paise) and ice stick (Rs 1).

2000’s children

The idea of a party is to go to fancy Chinese eateries or pizza places.

 9. 90’s children

Heard the word FUCK just because at the age of 14-15

2000’s children

Utilize the phrase FUCK at the age of 10-12 years

 10. 90’s children

Looked at the first crush until the finish of school and never gathered the courage to talk

2000’s children

Have GF/bf in 2nd class.

 11. 90’s children

The punishment was not to go out in the evenings to play.

2000’s children

Punishment is to ban the utilization of phones, tablets, PlayStation, and Xbox for two days.

 12. 90’s children

My preferred game is cricket.

2000’s children

Football is life, man! I play basketball in my extra time.

 13. 90’s children

We utilized floppy plates and CDs.

2000’s children

Use pen drives and google drives.

14. 90’s children

Referred dictionary to comprehend a word’s meaning.

2000’s children

Allow me to search for it on Google.

15. 90’s children

I went to the cyber cafe to ride online and check Orkut.

2000’s children

Have web on their phones and marvel why cyber cafes even exist.

16. 90’s children

They made greeting cards for their folks and family members.

2000’s children

Send e-cards at whatever point required.

Things 2000s Kids That Frighten 90s Kids

Below are the things that frighten about 2000s infants:

Your Clothes Are Better

IT IS SO UNFAIR. More youthful individuals dress so much better than I could do. I used to wear turtlenecks with vests, individuals!

You Never Lived Your Life without the Internet

There was where you and your companions couldn’t find only Google the lead entertainer in your preferred show and discover everything about them like seconds.

Smart Phones Are Just A Thing For You Guys

I recall when I got my iPod classic as a birthday present. It was everything and then some. It didn’t have WiFi get to or applications — it didn’t have a touch screen.

Last words

That is how things have changed. Individuals from the ’90s consistently feel that they had a stunning childhood, and children nowadays are passing up a ton of stuff. In any case, kids nowadays are merely adapting and changing with time, which is a general-purpose. To adjust and develop as people.

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