Halloween 2020 is almost there and still confused about what look to get done this year at home and all by you?

You don’t have to worry as this article will help you out in getting your kids to get ready for this year’s Halloween. We will be sharing the makeup tips for you to follow for this year’s Halloween. All you have to get is some makeup kit which includes different shades of blushes, eye shadows and liner.

Got them all? Then what are you waiting for grab them and do a skin test on your kid as you decide on what look you are going to choose for this year’s Halloween?

The make-up tips which you should follow before Halloween and while ready for Halloween are as follows:

  1. If you have got new products this year from brands recommended by others then please make sure you do a skin test before the Halloween party. This is done to make sure that you have not got any side effects and if the products suit your skin well enough. Just a week or a couple of days before Halloween would do. In case the products don’t suit you or you got allergies or rashes then it’s    advisable to   visit your skin doctor immediately if it’s suits you then you’re good to go for the day.
  2. If you choose to paint your face, then please get the ones which are certified so you don’t have to worry about your skin. Please avoid trying different styles of makeup products brands as this may spoil the look you had for your child in mind.
  3. Before you start the face make up please ensure that your child has washed his/ her face with a clean face face-wash and if all the dirt has been removed from this face.
  4. Before you begin with the actual makeup regime, apply a little layer of Vaseline in the face of your child as it will be easy to remove the makeup after the big party night.
  5. Take your make up kit and sit towards the light so the light comes right on to your child’s face and you will able to do the makeup easily.
  6. If you aren’t sure what you want to do on your child then you can watch tutorials online and check for ideas.
  7. Along with it, various brands offer Halloween kit along with how to do steps choosing that might also be very helpful for getting ready on Halloween.
  8. Instagram can be an inspiration during Halloween. So, please check out various hashtags for getting ready tips, costume and many more ideas needed for Halloween.

If you know and follow these 8 tips then your child will rock the Halloween party night with his/ her looks. Please follow these tips and get as much as ideas on the internet and take precautions in times like these. Advance happy Halloween 2020.

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