Being a parent demands a lot of patience and understanding. You may need to assume multiple roles for your child, including that of their best friend. When kids spend most of their day at home during the holidays, parents need to develop super creative ideas to keep them engaged. This is because kids tend to get bored easily, thanks to their hyperactive minds. If you are unsure of how to keep your child busy and creative this holiday season, this blog might help! This is because it discusses some of the most amazing DIY kid’s activities for your young one. Happy reading!

Why DIY?

Do It Yourself activities always involve a lot of fun. But is that the only reason why such projects are recommended for young kids? Here are a few reasons why encouraging your kids to do DIY activities is highly beneficial.

It Inspires Creativity and Imagination

DIY activities require plenty of creativity. This means that your child can tap into their imaginative prowess while attempting DIY. Whether it is a craft activity or a science experiment, DIY allows children to think and explore numerous possibilities. In other words, it enhances the cognitive development of young minds.

It Develops Motor Skills

Apart from improving thinking patterns, DIY also does wonders in the development of motor skills. Children are inspired to make use of their hands and fingers for creating and crafting various items for DIY. This improves their motor skills, as well as precision, calculation and hand-eye coordination in doing tasks.

It Develops Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Another key point is that performing DIY experiments has a positive impact on survival skills. Although little kids hardly require survival abilities like problem-solving and decision-making, it is the right age to develop these into making a strong personality. DIY activities encourage kids to analyze and overcome obstacles while doing a task.

It Improves Self-Expression

It is during the budding years that a child develops an image of themselves. It is crucial that this image be a positive one so that they have adequate self-respect and confidence to face the world as an adult. DIY projects grant kids the liberty to try out their original ideas and a sense of achievement and pride when their ideas work out.

It Opens Up A Lot Of Learning Opportunities

DIY literally means doing things on your own. Since kids are likely to be unfamiliar with various areas, DIY projects help them learn new things. For example, if you plan a cooking activity for your kids, they get an opportunity to learn not just how to prepare a particular food item but also about the various steps, equipment, and ingredients that go into the preparation.

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It Allows You Time For Bonding With Your Kids

Not so ironically, one of the best presents you can give your child is your presence. This has a direct connection with the emotional well-being and personality development of the child. DIY activities are a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your little ones. You can guide them through the activity, join them in difficult tasks, share your ideas and remarks and watch them turn into cute little professionals for a short span of time! This is indeed an unparalleled experience for a parent.

It Is A Cost-Effective Alternative

Finally, as you might have already guessed, DIY projects and activities are a lot cheaper than getting highly expensive games or other stuff for your kids. So if you are running on a tight budget but still don’t want to compromise on the joy and entertainment of your child, then DIY offers you a plethora of opportunities.

Top 16 DIY Activities For Children 2023

Here are the best 20 do-it-yourself activities for young kids that you can try out this holiday season.

DIY Board Games

Designing DIY board games with your kids is an exciting leisure activity. DIY board games give you the freedom to express your creativity in countless ways, from making the board itself to coming up with your own set of rules and playing pieces. You can encourage your kids to come up with unique ideas and rules for board games.

Bucket List

Here’s another amusing idea. You can introduce your kids to the notion of a bucket list and encourage them to pen down out-of-the-world experiences that they wish to try out. This could be short-term or long-term, but making a note of their dreams will provide them with a vision towards accomplishing them.

Treasure Hunt!

How about an exciting treasure hunt for a memorable day this summer? By drawing out a map, planting entertaining clues and hiding interesting objects at every turning point, you can make it a fun-filled adventure for your children. What’s more, DIY treasure hunts are a great way to improve the problem-solving skills of young children!

Science Lab

Another interesting DIY idea for the holidays is setting up a kids’ science lab in the garage. You can join your kids in fun science experiments like making slime or an erupting volcano or even some harmless chemistry fun! Activities like these give kids the opportunity to explore scientific topics, develop critical thinking skills, and learn via experimentation and observation, kindling their interest in science.

Family Tree

Children are always curious to know more about their parents, grandparents and other family members. So why not encourage them to create a distinctive family tree this summer? You can tell them all about your extended family members and their names, and the kids can design a tree with all these details. This would also turn up unique art that they can show to their friends.

DIY Charms and Keychains

If your kid likes art and crafts, then joining them in a fun session to create DIY charms or keychains would be spectacular. You can pick up old unused items from the house and inspire them to use their creativity to give these objects some meaning in the craft. Then, once the final product is ready, they can use it for their backpacks when school reopens and boast it in front of their classmates!


Origami is a unique and captivating art that anyone can try. Teaching kids origami is especially beneficial as it enhances the artistic side of their brains. You can find a number of simple origami styles online and experiment with them with your kids. The best part is all you need is paper to try out this art!

DIY Fake Snow

Do your kids love the winter season? Well, you can make it snow inside your house this summer! How? All you need is some baking soda and hair conditioner for this interesting chemistry experiment. Your kids would be definitely excited with this idea, for they can create a snowman, play around with snowballs and engage in a truly fun experience.


Teaching kids the importance of nature and the necessity of preserving it is essential. So gardening would be a wonderful activity to try out with your kids this holiday. Get some kids’ gardening tools or teach them the basics of gardening with your original tools. Then, as the garden starts flourishing, children will genuinely start feeling a sense of accomplishment, and their respect for nature and life will also grow manifold.

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DIY Wall Hangings

If your kids love to decorate their rooms creatively, how about setting them on a DIY wall-hanging creation spree? Get them the craft items they need, and enjoy watching them tap into their imagination to transform their rooms into whole new universes! If it works out great, you can also allow them to redecorate the living room or the kitchen.

Kitchen Master

Cooking and baking are basic skills that everyone can try out and learn. If you wish to discover your child’s passion for cooking, this holiday season would be a great time to find it out. Select a simple recipe and explain it to them, along with the ingredients needed. You can stay by their side the whole time to avoid any blunders as they turn into chefs for the day. No matter how it tastes, make sure to be constructive and positive in your reviews if you want them to get better.

Leaf Art

Another way to innovate using nature is to inspire your kids to try some leaf art. All they’ll need are some fallen leaves from the backyard, their favorite set of colors and a canvas. Let their imagination run wild and let astonishing art forms take form on the canvas! This activity will surely help pass the time during boring days and also help to develop a sense of appreciation for nature in young minds.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Children get introduced to friendship and camaraderie at school. It is likely that your kids have brought their best friend’s home during the holidays and acquainted you with them. Why not encourage your kids to create friendship bracelets for their best friends? An excellent symbol of affection and companionship, this would turn out to be a wonderful surprise for their friends.

DIY Bookmarks

Are your kids into books? Reading is an amazing hobby that will continue to reap benefits for your child even after growing up. But whether they are interested in reading or not, bookmarks can always come in useful in the case of academic books. So, guide your little ones into making creative bookmarks using simple items like cardboard, glue, and colors.

Snow Globe

Here’s another DIY craft with a wintery touch. With a few items like a plastic container, glitter, fake snow, and tiny figurines, your kids can make their own snow globe to show off in front of their friends! Since it is an interactive activity, you are sure to have fun watching your kids do this. Apart from using it as an attractive showpiece, it can also turn out to be a lovely gift for their friends.

Obstacle Course

On the other hand, if you want your kids to have some fun outdoors, then encouraging them to design a DIY obstacle course might work. They can use household items like cushions, ropes, and chairs to create the course and have a splendid playing time with their siblings or friends. Not only do obstacle courses inspire creativity, but they are also good for physical fitness.


These are some of the top and most recommended DIY kids’ activities that you can introduce to your little ones today. Apart from allowing you to spend a wonderful time with your kids, these activities also have amazing benefits on the cognitive and personality development of your children. So, waste no more time, and get to some DIY art right away! Good luck!

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