School breaks have always been something that children and parents look forward to. But this year, your family might be extra eager to take some time off and create joyful memories together. Of course, we still live in a pandemic, so it might look a little different than before.

The key is to plan a trip or activity that is fun, relaxing, and safe. Since that’s easier said than done in these uncertain times, Smart Kidzs has listed a few tips to help you get started!

Tailor your backyard.

You don’t have to leave town to have an awesome school break with the family. Think of ways that you can modify your backyard so that it incorporates fun and safe activities. For example, you can set up a volleyball court or clear a space for your family to play football, soccer, or kickball. You can bring out a slip-n-slide or splash pad on the warmer days. If you want to get artsy, you could set up an easel in the backyard for outdoor art projects or make a space on your driveway where your kids can create chalk art.

The most important factor of backyard activities is that the backyard itself is a safe place. If your property doesn’t have a fence around it, consider installing one. There are tons of Angi fence contractors online, and chances are you will have quite a few to choose from in your local area.

Look for licensed and insured fence contractors, and try to interview several different candidates and get estimates from them before choosing the person for the job. Moreover, revisit your budget to account for a new fence installation, which averages around $4,500 per project, depending on the size of the fence, the materials, and the area where it is installed.

Explore your city.

If you don’t want to leave town but would like a slight change of scenery, take your family out on the town during school break. Try out a few different local restaurants and farmers’ markets. Head to a nearby park for a family picnic. See what exhibits and activities are being offered at local museums, and look for any other local attractions that might interest your family.

Hit the road.

When it comes to going out of town for school breaks, the easiest way to plan a safe and fun trip is to take a road trip. By driving to your destination, it will be easy for your family to maintain social distancing from others. First, choose a destination. Are you thinking of the mountains, the beach, or a national park?

After choosing your destination, plan your accommodations. Hotels have stringent protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of guests. But if you want to save money and have more privacy for your family, consider staying at a vacation rental. If you rent a house with a full kitchen, you can even buy groceries and cook your own meals.

If your family prefers a more rugged experience, look for local campgrounds where you can stay for a few days. Furthermore, you can save money by bringing along snacks and drinks for your trip so that you don’t have to pay convenience store prices during your travels.

Take extra precautions.

Since we are still living in a pandemic, you will want to ensure that your family takes the necessary precautions to keep yourselves and others safe. When choosing a destination, consider going somewhere that is in off-peak season. Examples of this would be going to the beach during any other season than summer. Not only will you have fewer crowds to deal with, but you will also have more availability of places to stay and potentially save money on events and attractions.

Also, be sure to bring along masks for everyone in your family. Some places will require you to wear them, and you might want them available for when you are in close quarters indoors with people outside of your family and there is no ventilation. And be sure to bring along hand sanitizer and wipes!

With a little preparation, you can plan a fun, relaxing, and safe school break with your family this year. Think about how you can turn your backyard into the perfect space for outdoor activities. Spend the weekend exploring local businesses and attractions. Take a road trip that your family will never forget. And if you do decide to leave town, make sure you take any necessary precautions to keep your family and other people safe.

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